Cancer Stories, Rare Cancers

Fletcher’s Cancer Story

In extremely rare cases, the cancer found, remains unknown, and consultants have a difficult task of working out a treatment plan.  Fletcher was one of the first children that we came to know, and we befriended his parents, Lee and Leanne Fisher.  It broke our hearts when we heard that the doctors couldn't save him.… Continue reading Fletcher’s Cancer Story

Cancer Stories, neuroblastoma

Riley’s Cancer Story

Many cancer journeys, involve multiple types of treatment, each having various ways of targeting the cancer cells and tumours. Riley's mother, Sophie Hoult, takes us through his extensive treatment plan, and how scary the side effects can be.  Riley is now 19 months into remission. Name: Riley Hoult Age at diagnosis: 21 Months Old Diagnosis: Stage 4 High… Continue reading Riley’s Cancer Story

Cancer Stories, Rare Cancers

Evie’s Cancer Story

Experts are still on the fence on whether Histiocytosis is a cancer or not, it is however treated as such. Evie's mother, Sarah Thompson, explains the difficulties of getting something extremely rare diagnosed. Name: Evie Violet Hewitt Age at diagnosis: 2 Diagnosis: Juvenile Xanthogranuloma (JXG) Histiocytosis Additional info: Evie's ocular involvement was almost unheard of, because… Continue reading Evie’s Cancer Story

Cancer Stories, Rare Cancers

Fidel’s Cancer Story

  A rare cancer story, from mother, Erika Shaw, about her beautiful son, Fidel. Misdiagnosis is a huge problem when it comes to childhood cancer, sometimes the right diagnosis comes too late.  More needs to be done.   Name: Fidel N Gallegos Jr Age at diagnosis: 6 weeks Diagnosis: Rhabdoid Tumor Atrt Additional Info: The cancer after further researched… Continue reading Fidel’s Cancer Story