Our Cancer Story



Name: Hannah

Age at diagnosis: 11 months old

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) – Low Risk

Additional info: In remission.


Hannah, only displayed two symptoms, bruising and two bumps on her head.  Our reason for taking her to the doctors, was that the bumps became red and inflamed, we thought her bruises were from her starting to move around more and that she’d bumped her head in her cot.

The doctor arranged an ambulance, and once at the hospital, they thought it could be us, and did a series of tests and scans, which 24 hours later, it was determined we weren’t the cause, but more tests needed to be done.  After a biopsy, and 13 days from seeing the GP, on 23rd March, 2016, it was confirmed as ALL.

Treatment began on the same day, her stay in hospital lasted for 52 days, including her first birthday, on which she was severely dehydrated due to a stomach bug. The intensive stage of her treatment was nine months, this lasted longer than expected, with delays because of low neutrophils (little to no immune system).  She was in and out of hospital throughout this time, usually as an inpatient in isolation, not getting much chance to interact with other children.

She finished her treatment on 24th March 2018, Hannah is now in remission.

Treatment Plan Interfant-06: Chemotherapy – Two Years

Intensive stages

  • Induction: 36 days
  • Protocol IB: 29 days
  • Marma: 24 days
  • Octodad: 50 days

Maintenance treatment: 78 weeks (Hannah’s lasted 61 weeks & 4 days)


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