Cancer Life, Side Effects

Side effects from chemo, that Hannah had to endure. Part 3

Low blood counts

Blood transfusions were needed often, both red blood cells and platelets. We began to recognise when she’d need one, if she became pale we knew that a red blood transfusion would be likely and if she had random bruises appear, then she’d need a platelet transfusion.

Hannah’s had 15 blood transfusions during her treatment, mostly red blood cells and a few platelet transfusions.  Signing the consent form for her first one, we had a doctor come in to explain in detail, why she needed it and the possible side effects that could happen. I signed it without a fight. By the second and third time of her needing a transfusion, it became more like they were popping on the kettle and making us a cuppa. It became normal, we knew the routine, and we always checked the little tag, to see where our bags of blood came from. Thank you, to everyone that donates blood and platelets, our daughter is alive because of you.


Roid rage and weight gain

How we loathed steroids, they possessed our children, they developed ‘Roid Rage’ to the extreme, for Hannah she would become easily upset at the simplest things, she’d tense her whole body, curl her fists, and scream so loud and hard that her face went an angry red. She ballooned despite the fact she barely ate, again an attribute of steroids, so although it looks like she’s gaining weight, it was mostly bloating and water retention.

Although other children seemed to have cravings for more food whilst taking steroids, Hannah didn’t, I’d have gladly excepted that side effect.  These were needed on and off during the intensive stages.

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