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Speak with your local representative: Be the change.

Childhood cancer is considered rare, but after seeing the amount of children who are diagnosed, and who are currently being treated for cancer, it doesn’t feel rare.

Many parents, have to go back and forth to the doctors, sometimes for months.  The main problem? The symptoms for childhood cancer can be quite vague, and can be dismissed as a regular infection.

With us, extra tests were done, and it was diagnosed in 13 days.  It was a scary time, with us being put on the list of suspects, but it meant Hannah wasn’t dismissed, she had a thorough examination and we are beyond grateful.  We only wish, every child had the same attention.


I still hear of other parent’s experiences, where even now, they are being dismissed.  Something needs to be done. Is there not a protocol in place? Anything, that can assist in a correct diagnosis, sooner rather than later.


If a child is always sick, in constant pain, or if the parents have noticed something unusual.  Take them seriously, and just take a few moments to check the symptoms, as campaigned by Be Child Cancer Aware, and if they are displaying typical symptoms, then follow them up with the appropriate tests.


These are the tests Hannah had:

Blood tests.





It was discovered in a biopsy, everything else appeared clear.


It may not be cancer, it might be something else, which will still need treatment.  As with everything, an early diagnosis, is better than a too late diagnosis.

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