Cancer Life, Diagnosis

How Hannah was diagnosed. Part 2: Abuse or Medical

We’d arrived at A&E, went through initial assessments and were sent up to the Children’s Assessment and Treatment Unit (CAT unit), as there was a junior doctors strike on, we were in for a long wait.

Hannah was seen by one of the senior doctors, we went through more assessments, and he examined her, asked a few more questions, then said he would need to speak to another doctor. After a little more waiting, we were taken into a small room out of the way. At this point they told us that it looked like she’d been abused (without saying the word abuse), they asked further questions, did a background check on us, and took photos of Hannah. We had to sign consent forms, saying that we were okay with them doing this, all we wanted was for Hannah to receive treatment, we did everything they asked and answered every question, but we feared she might be taken away from us.

We stayed in hospital overnight, maybe getting 2 hours of broken sleep.  Another doctor talked to us first thing in the morning, telling us that they have to consider all options, and us being the cause, is at the bottom of the list.  For the next 24 hours, Hannah had multiple blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, and urine tests, she also had a visit from a dermatologist.  All of these tests, concluded the reason for Hannah’s bumps and bruises were due to a medical cause, but they still didn’t know what.  After spending 2 nights in hospital, we could go home, and we’d go back the following week to have a biopsy done on one of her bumps.

20160321_115859 (2)
2 days before diagnosis.

After her biopsy, she began getting more lumps and bruises on her face, one of her eyelids was swelling up, she was getting worse by the day. But she didn’t seem to show any other symptoms, she was still happy and smiling, she wasn’t in any pain.  It was two days after the biopsy was taken, they called, they had some information, we needed to go the hospital.

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