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How Hannah was diagnosed. Part 1: The Bump

It all began with a bump on the head.

We heard her crying in her cot, we went to check on her, and found her scrunched in the corner of the cot.  It looked like she’d bumped her head on the bars, we gave her a cuddle, kissed her head and she soon stopped crying.  It was the next morning, when we noticed a small raised bump, it didn’t seem to hurt her, we did a few checks online, to see if we needed to see a doctor with her not having any concerning symptoms, they all said it will go way on its own and gave a few solutions to bring it down.

20160227_135118 (2)
Taken before we went to the health visitor.

Over the next few days, the bump became a little red, we thought she must’ve done the same again, we had Hannah’s 10 month check-up with the health visitor a couple of days later, and brought up our concerns over the bump.  The health visitor said, baby’s this age gets all sorts of bumps and bruises, with them exploring more, but if we still felt unsure then we should make an appointment with the GP, just to make sure and give us piece of mind.

Feeling reassured, we gave it the weekend before making an appointment, but as Monday morning came, the bump had now grown and was redder.  I contacted the GP surgery, the earliest appointment I could get was Thursday late afternoon. By the time Thursday came, her bump was looking worse, a second one had appeared on the top of her head, and she now had bruises in unusual places, I was hoping these were from her moving about more.

We feared how this would look, and nervously waited in the doctor’s surgery for our appointment. The doctor said that it may be infected, I mentioned the bruises which had now appeared. She advised a trip to the hospital, and asked if she could arrange an ambulance for us, we immediately said yes.

Within 15 minutes, we were in the ambulance and on our way to A&E.


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