Cancer Life, Treatment

Hannah’s treatment plan, maintenance, final stage, (431 days).

This stage should have lasted for 78 weeks, or 547 days. But, due to delays during her intensive stages, her’s lasted 61 weeks and 4 days, or 431 days.


Here is a breakdown of Hannah’s maintenance treatment:

Chemotherapy (oral):

Mercaptopurine: Once daily, 431 days.

Methotrexate: Once a week, 61 weeks.

Intrathecal chemotherapy (into spinal fluid):

Methotrexate – Twice, in week 1 and 15.

Cytarabine – Once, in week 8.

Prednisolone – Three times, in week 1, 8 and 15.


She had another bone marrow aspirate on day 1. She also has an antibiotic to take, twice a day, every Monday and Tuesday.

During the maintenance treatment, she has regular blood tests and check-ups.

Every 2 weeks they check her height and weight, then take a blood test, to check blood counts and will alter if necessary, based on body changes and low or high blood counts.

Every 6 weeks She has her check-ups, this is a physical check, they listen to her chest and stomach, and also feel her stomach for any abnormalities.  This is also an opportunity to ask questions, mention anything I’ve noticed about Hannah, that may need additional examination or referral to available therapists.

Now treatment has finished, the blood tests and check-ups will reduce gradually over 5 years, thereafter she will have a yearly check.

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