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Behaviour battles, getting Hannah to eat healthier food, and back to nursery.

Good job I’m shaving my head at the end of the month, as I’ve been very close to tearing it out.

Hannah has seriously tested my patience this past week, it’s like a switch has been flipped, she falls to the floor on purpose, sometimes banging her head, thankfully not hard enough to do any damage, but on occasion she has done it harder than she probably intended to.  I only react if she actually hurts herself, and give her comfort, but I don’t react if she’s fine, as I really don’t want her doing this for too long.

She also goes into full on tantrum mode, screaming, throwing things and again trying to hurt herself.  I’m hoping this is because we’ve been cooped up over the last couple of weeks, with her having a cold.  I hate seeing her like this, and if you have any experience with this kind of behaviour, please let me know, I’m all ears.

With Hannah’s chemo treatment, her taste in food has been quite bland, she will also eat overly sweet things. This makes it difficult to give her a heathy diet, if she’s willing to eat it, then that’s what she gets, we still try to make sure she doesn’t have too much sugar, which isn’t helped when almost everything has some form of sugar in it, this is beyond frustrating.

She will happily eat the following, without any fuss:

Rice Krispies with milk



Jaffa Cakes


Sandwich Thins – toasted

Heinz Spaghetti Hoops

Burger King fries

Greggs sausage rolls



She’s hit and miss with most fruits, and it’s a coin flip on whether she’ll eat something if we go to a restaurant.  She was doing quite well with food, but then reverted a bit to more basic choices, I hope once maintenance finishes she will get better with her food.

Until then, we’re trying her with a snack selection box that comes in the post, a chance for her to try new things, without us wasting food.  It’s called Chewymoon, she loves the little fruit chews, and she’s still unsure about the savoury options, but we’ve only had our first box, fingers crossed this will help her.  You get the first box free as standard, but you can get the second half price, when you use this code EP42SVJ.

You get a sticker in each snack box, which you collect in a sticker book.

Hannah went back to nursery on Monday, I’m relieved she didn’t carry over the tantrums into nursery, as I can do without extra headaches.  But I think she saved herself for Tuesday, when we went to clinic for her regular blood test, she went into a full-blown meltdown when I tried putting her in her buggy ready to leave. She started screaming, slapping me, pulling my hair, I could feel everyone’s eyes staring into the back of my head.  I carried her out of the clinic waiting area, where she could flail on the floor without an audience, I was mortified when I went back in, I gave a half-hearted smile and left as quickly as I could.

This was before her meltdown.

2 thoughts on “Behaviour battles, getting Hannah to eat healthier food, and back to nursery.”

  1. When Steven was getting very fussy over what he ate, and many told us that he still needed to eat healthily, we were backed up by the hospital doctors who said that of course, normally, that would be the standard advice. But, cancer isn’t a normal situation, and he could pretty much eat what he wanted too. They too felt it was better that he was eating something than nothing. Hope things calm down for you a little. 💛

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