Everyday Life

Our new year began with cabin fever, a temperature panic, and exhaustion.

The new year began with a stall.

Hannah, was still getting over her cold, and her nursery closed for building works, which I was a little relieved about, as I wouldn’t have taken Hannah in whilst she had a cold, and at least now she won’t miss out on anything.

The downside, with her cold came a cough, and she coughed mainly in the night, so we were half awake when trying to sleep, and half asleep during the day.  Hannah, however, was full of energy, and requesting “Row Row Row Your Boat” none-stop, any day now, I’m expecting Joseph, to come home from work, find me whimpering in a ball in the corner and mumbling the song.

Hannah making a mess of the living room, and yes, she’s in her wellies.

With us not having much sleep, I haven’t had the energy for anything I’d intended to do, while Joseph went to work, I’ve stayed indoors with Hannah, who has managed to drain the little energy I have. We’ve been staying in our PJ’s, and I didn’t want to go out, but forced myself when we needed something from the shops, and then wondering if Hannah going out in the cold was making her worse. I think I’m succumbing to cabin fever. “Row Row Row Your Boat.”

We had a little panic earlier in the week, Hannah’s temperature went up to 37.9°C, if it’d gone to 38°C, she’d have gone straight to hospital for a blood test. Thankfully, it started to go down, but I was there for almost 2 hours constantly checking her temperature, whilst packing a hospital bag, just in case.  We didn’t sleep much that night either.

Once we finally get back to a regular routine, and get ourselves outdoors, I’m hoping to have Monday afternoons as “me time”. When Hannah is at nursery, I’ll get out with my DSLR, and try to get back into my photography hobby. It’s been a long time since I’ve had chance to venture out with my camera.

At the end of this month, I will be shaving my head for charity, the money raised will go to Fletcher’s Fund. I’m looking forward to this, not only in hopes of helping a charity so close to my heart, but also, I will have low maintenance hair for a good few months, as right now, it’s mocking me.

If you wish to donate, you can do so at wonderful.org if not, could you please share.

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