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What Hannah got for Christmas 2017

A cold, she got a cold.

Well, it was an early bonus gift, she missed her last day of nursery, which was a good job, because she had a temperature.  This meant she had to go to hospital for a blood test (I’ll save explaining this procedure for a future post), thankfully she could go home.  We spent the remainder of the Christmas period, endlessly checking her temperature, cleaning up her snot, then dealing with an epic nappy rash and a rash that appeared on her face, most likely viral, and made worse with snot and chemo.

Apart from the cold, we had a nice quiet Christmas at home, I was able to do almost everything I’d planned for her activity advent calendar.  We were able to create some memories away from the hospital environment, which is all we wanted for this Christmas, after spending the previous year having it sandwiched between hospital stays.

My homemade advent calendar.

These are some of the presents Santa brought, he gets the credit, for now.

Santa (Grandma and Grandad), got Hannah, a Fire 7 Kids Tablet, which she loves at the moment, I’m able to control what she can access and set time limits, as I’m sure she could play on it all day, but she won’t. For now, she’s getting an hour a day, 30 minutes for books, 15 minutes for apps, and 15 minutes for videos.  It will certainly come in handy when we go to clinic for her blood tests.

Playing on a just discovered app.

Santa (Mummy and Daddy), got her a Crayola Qwikflip Easel, she loves drawing (by drawing, I mean squiggles on lots of paper), but it will allow her to strengthen her legs and have her own place to create a mess, where it can be cleaned with a wipe, therefore, less paper found stuffed down the sofa. Win-win.

Santa, also got Hannah, a big unicorn (Great Auntie), this was a big hit, a mini tea set (Auntie), she loves clinking the cups with mummy and daddy and downing imaginary cups of tea, a Whiz Around Amy (Candlelighters), she loves playing with cars, now she has a motorbike too and she enjoys whizzing it around (I’m keeping the bad pun). Plus books to add to her new bookcase.

She hugged it as soon as it was unwrapped.

I’d love to list each present individually, so if you’re reading this and you gave Hannah a gift, thank you, we really appreciate each and every one.

I’d love to hear what your children got excited over at Christmas, was there a gift that meant the most?  Please comment below.

Finally, although we were able to have a quiet Christmas, we were thinking of those who find Christmas difficult, we know friends and family are dealing with the loss of loved ones, who spent most or all of Christmas in hospital, and those who said their last goodbyes instead of opening presents.  There was also life being brought into the world, a spark of pure joy, among the sadness.

Even though Christmas has ended, sadness and joy stand side by side every day, I’m going to look out for acts of kindness, show Hannah how to do the same and watch small sparks of joy happen in the unlikeliest of places, it may be small to me, but to someone else, it could be a firework.

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